Working with Chimps

Frans Lanting joins primatologist Dr. Jill Pruetz as she tracks an unusual group of chimps in Senegal, the first ones seen to make and use weapons to obtain food. Video and Narration © Chris Eckstrom.

Hyena on the Beach

On a remote beach along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, Frans Lanting encounters one of the desert’s rarest and most elusive animals. Video © Chris Eckstrom.

Royal Courtship

Young royal Albatrosses on Campbell Island, New Zealand, gather to practice their ecstatic courtship dance while Frans Lanting documents them. Video © Chris Eckstrom.

Elephant Hideout

Chris Eckstrom and Frans Lanting hide by a water hole in Namibia to capture ground-level imagery of elephants. But one bull sees them inside-and gets curious. Video © Chris Eckstrom.

Año Nuevo Island

Video © Chris Eckstrom.